Mariner's Seafood Restaurant

Island Mall Talipapa Station 3, Boracay "The Old Talipapa"

Satisfy your Seafoods craving in Mariner's Seafood Restaurant. We provide cooking services for a variety of live, fresh, and affordable Seafoods.


Established in March of 2022 with only handful of 3 kitchen staffs and 3 dine-in staffs. The restaurant has now expand to its new location in Station 3, E-mall road, Brgy Manoc manoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan. ( back of Budget Mart ) having 7 kitchen staffs and 6 staffs.

The restaurant is owned by a former Seaman (Mr. Denver Pelayo) and a resident of Boracay Island.


Looking for an affordable and delicious seafood cooking service in Boracay? Look no further! Our expert chefs will prepare mouthwatering dishes using the freshest seafood ingredients. Contact us now:

SMART +63 931 7757122

GLOBE +63 995 1608978

"Presyong abot kaya ng bulsa, Masarap pa!"